Years of experience in the design and construction of tube and solid-state devices, and similar music preferences and aural joined two friends, Maciej Lenar and Marcin Sołowiow. Together they decided to build a set consisting of a tube preamplifier and mono power amplifiers. In this cooperation is born company Amare Musica, designed amplifiers Trinity and preamplifier De Forest. These devices were released on the Audio Show 2012 exhibition in Warsaw. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the warm words of reviewers on our subsite.

Hi-end audiophile world is divided into two groups. The first group are fans of transistor / solid-state devices, while the other vacuum tube devices. Both believe their cases / chooses to be true and the one and only.Vacuum tube devices have enjoyed unprecedented soundspace and surround for transistor amplifiers, smooth communication and tangibility virtual sources. These are the features that make listening to music that is very pleasant and the company Amare Musica enjoyment is one of the most important things.


Since these are tubes, which combine sound of old NOS tubes and availability at a reasonable price.

In addition to the sonic try to make our products also enjoyed visually, and were easy to use now and in future.
Elegant and sleek chrome casing line preamplifier De Forest and Trinity monoblock amplifier will please the most discriminating audiophile eye.